Programming Language

The foundation for Configura Extension Technology (CET) is our innovative programming language CM. Unlike other programming languages, CM is uniquely adapted to the Parametric Graphical Configuration (PGC) problem domain:
  • CM belongs to the Java/C#/C++ family of programming languages, yet with high-level influences from common lisp making it quick and easy to adopt
  • CM is a fully grown application programming language with a compact and descriptive coding style
  • CM is incremental, allowing for instant (subsecond) changes to a 1-million-line running program
  • CM is bounds checked and garbage collected, removing common sources of fatal, hard-to-debug programming mistakes
  • CM has extensible syntax, which allows it to adapt to new problem domains without the typical code bloat resulting from impedance mismatch
  • CM integrates seamlessly with external code through its DLL-aware interface and can directly generate calls to C and C++ functions
  • CM has a strong reflective capability, allowing for automatic deep copy, deep equality testing and automatic serialization
  • CM provides direct code navigation in www-hyperlink-style and other powerful queries about the current code
This results in PGC applications several times smaller than possible with traditional programming languages. For the very first time, a programmer can reap the full benefit of making incremental changes directly into a running application, immediately see the results, and still work in the familiar style of C++ and Java. Development and maintenance is often ten times+ faster compared to traditional settings.