Release Notes InstantPlanner Version 5.0

We are proud to announce that we are launching a new version of InstantPlanner!
One of the main changes in version 5.0  is that InstantPlanner is switching to a user based license model. This means that all previous license keys are replaced with personal logins; one unique login for every user.
Another exciting new feature is the Configura Walkthrough! Read more about this below. You will also notice that InstantPlanner has a new graphical profile that we hope you will find enhances the graphical layout of the program and adds to the user experience.
All new features are presented further in the InstantPlanner manual, which is available on our website and from InstantPlanner's help menu.

Switching to a user based license model

With the new user based license server, the license administrator orders and distributes licenses to end users over the internet in only a few minutes and the licenses are immediately ready for use. A user based license model means that all hardware certificates are replaced with personal logins, one tied to each individual user. This enables all users to use InstantPlanner anywhere, at any computer, instead of being tied to a hardware certificate. To run InstantPlanner, your license administrator has to give you a license. You can then log in to the program with a user name and a password.
To get a user name and password, you need to set up a user account on the MyConfigura website, MyConfigura is a new concept that handles the communication between the InstantPlanner software and the license server. By setting up a user account on MyConfigura, you get a MyConfigura ID, which is your email address. You also register a password as well as contact details, and you can request a license for the customization you wish you have access to. To be able to log in to and run InstantPlanner, you enter your MyConfigura ID and password. This launches InstantPlanner and lets you continue your work as usual.


Introducing Configura Walkthrough

Want to show your clients exactly what their space will look like? With Configura Walkthrough you can! With your keyboard or a mouse, you can move around in 3D, go back and forth, move up and down and turn 360 degrees around. A walkthrough adds a nice sense of realism and puts the viewer in the driving seat.

Go on - give it a try!



Specify dimensions with the new Image measuring tool

A new feature is the Image measuring tool, which lets you get a control measurement and then adjust an image according to the original drawing. The image measuring tool is found in the Import and Export tab.

Export components as 3D

With this release, we have made it possible to export single components as 3D. This opens up for the possibility to import objects into an external 3D program and prepare your models for use in, for example Trimble 3D Warehouse. The file formats available are Configura (.cfg3d), Stereolithography (.stl) and Wavefront (.obj).

Note: when exporting to .stl or .obj, materials and textures are not included. Only the 3D geometry is exported.

When exporting to .cfg3d, materials are included. Textures, however, are only referenced to. This means that textures will not be visible unless the file remains in its original location.

New human 3D models

A new set of human 3D models has been added to the InstantPlanner software! They are graphically improved and more realistic, compared to the already existing humans in the program, and will make it possible for you to create modern drawings with a higher sense of realism. The People section on the Import and Export tab contains a number of different human models in 3D, both males and females, sitting and standing.

Support for AutoCAD 2013

With the release of InstantPlanner 5.0, we have added support for reading and writing AutoCAD 2013 drawings. Now you can choose to export your drawings to AutoCAD 2013 from the Export drawing to CAD dialog in the Import and Export tab.