Configura Classic


Using a print frame [video]

Did you know...

...that you can use the Print Frame feature to maintain a certain scale when printing a drawing. A print frame also makes it easier to position the drawing on the paper and enables you to print a selected part of a larger drawing.

Watch the video tutorial below to find out how to use a print frame. Remember to turn on the sound on your computer loudspeakers or headphones and then press Play.


Good to know

  • If, by accident, you have closed down the Print Frame Settings dialog box, simply double-click between the broken blue line and the solid black line of the print frame to make it appear again.
  • You select a print frame by clicking on the very edge of the frame, between the broken blue line and the solid black line.
  • There is a blue inner frame inside the black solid one. You can clearly see where the drawing header is. Make sure that the whole drawing is inside the blue frame - items placed outside of it will not appear on the printout.
  • To be able to select the alternative Selected print frame in the Print dialog box, the frame must be activated.
  • When you print several print frames, you can print each one at a different scale and on a separate printer.


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