Configura Classic


Producing non- photorealistic 3D images

Did you know that.... can choose different 3D rendering styles?


After you have designed an office space, you normally select the photorealistic 'Photo' rendering option. The image then looks something like this: 

The Photo style

Instead of a photorealistic rendering, you can choose different non-photorealistic styles of your image. Below are two examples: 

The Cartoon style 
The Color Wash style

The Cartoon style

 The Color Wash style


Choosing different styles

Do as follows to choose a different rendering style: 

1. Place the camera in the drawing area and make the desired settings.

2. Right click the camera and select 'Settings' in the pop up menu that appears. The 'Camera Settings' dialog shows.

3. Select the 'Sketch' tab to the left and click one of the options. See figure below.

4. Select the 'Sketch' option in the 'Develop' field to the right.

5. Click the 'Develop' button.




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