Configura Classic


Mirror Components

Did you know that.... can move components by mirror them to the other side of a line?


You are working with a drawing on which you have placed two windows on two walls, for example as in Figure 1 below. If you then wish to move these two windows to the opposite walls and still keep the windows' position, use the function 'Mirror components'.

To mirror components, proceed as follows:

  1. Select the compontents in the drawing that you wish to mirror, for example two windows as in Figure 1.
  2. Select 'Mirror components' under 'Drawing tools' on the 'Line drawing 1' tab.
  3. Move the mouse pointer to the drawing area. A blue line follows the mouse pointer.
  4. Move the mouse pointer to the middle of one of the walls and click once. Then move the mouse pointer to the opposite wall and click once more. See Figure 1.
  5. The windows are now mirrored to the other side of the blue line. See Figure 2.
Click 'Mirror and copy components', found next to the 'Mirror components' icon, if you wish to copy the selected components and only move the copies.



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