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Marking changes in drawings

Did you know...

...that you can mark your changes in a drawing in order for others to easily notice them?


You and your colleague are working on the same project. You receive a drawing from your colleague and make some changes to it. Before returning the drawing you would like to mark the edits you have done.

Using the Revision Cloud

To mark edits, you can easily use the Revision Cloud tool.

To use the Revision Cloud watch this instruction video or follow the step by step description below.

  1.  Select the Revision Cloud from the Tools tab.  
  2.  Move the mouse pointer to the drawing area. A red arc-shaped item is attached to the mouse pointer (see Figure 1). 
  3.  Click once to position the arc that constitutes the first part of your revision cloud in the drawing area. 
  4.  Move the mouse pointer in the desired direction until the first arc has the desired length and click. 
  5.  Repeat this procedure to draw the rest of the arcs that make up the cloud (see Figure 2). 
  6.  Join the last arc with the first one to close the revision cloud and click (see Figure 3). 
  7.  Right-click on the revision cloud and select the Settings option in the menu that appears. The Revision Cloud Settings dialog is displayed. 
  8.  Click on the Get color button to open a color palette where you can select the desired color for the revision cloud. 
  9.  Click OK to close the palette. 
  10.  Back in the Revision Cloud Settings dialog, click OK or Apply.


            Figure 1     Figure 2    Figure 3


Note: You can always change the shape and size of the cloud retrospectively. Just click the cloud so the snap points become visible. Then click and stretch the snap points till the cloud get the right size and shape. 


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