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Creating professional 3D images

Did you know...

...that making small changes regarding camera and lighting can help improve your Configura 3D images?


You have spent some time working on a layout in Configura and want to create some selling 3D images. After rendering the drawing, your picture looks like Image 1, but what you really had in mind was something similar to Image 2. Below are a few recommendations concerning camera and lighting that you can follow in order to create better-looking 3D images.

Image 1

Image 2


  • Place the camera farther away from the target and reduce the wide angle, instead of moving in close with the camera. This produces a better image with straighter lines.
  • The camera height should not differ too much from the target height. Adjust to a realistic height. 


  • Remember that a room should have both light and shadows. Combine different types of light, i.e. electrical fittings that make the light come from a certain direction as well as fittings that spread the light.
  • Avoid light coming from different directions as this can cause unnatural shadows.
  • Think about how the sunshine would enter the windows in your drawing and try to re-create it! It will give a sense of realism to your image. 

Professional 3D images where the above recommendations have been followed.

Note: You can save time by placing the camera on the right height, finding a good angle and suitable distance from the target, and setting the lighting before the layout becomes too detailed. You may have to render several images before you are happy with the result, and a layout with fewer details will speed up the rendering time. When the result is satisfying, you can easily make the space look more authentic by adding details and accessories.


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