Configura Classic


Creating permanent groups of components

Did you know that.... can create permanent groups of components? 


Sometimes it can be a good ide to group components in the drawing area and create a permanent group. For example, if you would like to connect components that don't have snap points.

To create a permanent group, follow these steps:

  1. Select the components you would like to be included in the group. Either press and hold the 'Shift' key and click on each component, use the 'Select Rectangle' tool, or use the 'Select and Add to Group' tool. The components are now selected and form a temporary group.
'Select Rectangle' and 'Select and Add to Group' tool
'Select Rectangle' and 'Select and Add to Group' tool
  1. Select the 'Group' option in the 'Arrange' menu. A blue rectangle frames the group of components, which now form a permanent group.
You can group several permanent groups together and form one big permanent group, "several groups in one group". Just select the different groups and proceed according to step 2 above.

Splitting Permanent Groups of Components

Did you know that... can split a permanent group, containing several permanent groups, in one action? 

As mentioned above, it is possible to group several permanent groups together and create one big permanent group. If you would like to split a group like that, you do not need to ungroup each group individually. Simply select the group and click the 'Ungroup All' option in the 'Arrange' menu.
Two groups in one permanent group When selecting the 'Ungroup all' option
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