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Changing material and color

Do you remember that you can use materials and colors on components to get more realistic drawings in Configura!
Sometimes the rendered image can be quite colorless and the components might not have the colors you want in your image. Figure 1 below shows an image that has not been modified. In Figure 2, the same image has been modified with different materials and colors. 
Figure 1: Example of how an image can look with the original colors on the components. 
Figure 2: The same image as above with the only difference that component colors and materials have been changed.

Accessing the Material/Color settings

There are two ways of accessing the Material/Color settings.

  1. Select a component. Right-click the component and select Material/Color from the context menu.
  2. Select a component. From the Edit menu in the top left corner, select Material/Color.
Figure 3: The Material/Color settings dialog.
Figure 3 above shows the Material/Color settings dialog. This will help you to make settings for your components. Below a description of each numbered box from the image will be presented.
Box 1:
  • Under Color Model/Type, select between the different options Predefined, Texture and RGB color.
Box 2:
  • The Predefined option gives you the ability to choose from a large set of predefined colors.
 Box 3:
  • With the Texture option you can browse from any images on your computer to import as a texture. You can preview the images before you import them by clicking on Preview under the texture option. 
Box 4: 
  • If you do not want a texture or any of the predefined colors, you can choose to use the RGB color option. Here you can type own values for Red, Green and Blue to create the color of your choice. If you do not know the RGB value of a specific color, you can choose to browse from all available colors by choosing Custom from the RGB color option and then Get color from the Select and Edit RGB Color dialog. See Figure 4 below.
Figure 4: A summary of the RGB option dialogs.
 Box 5:
  • Some of the components consist of many different parts, with the Surface name option you can choose to change color on any part of the component. 
 Box 6:
  • There are four different options to which you can add your color and material settings, Selected Component, Group, Position and All. Selected component applies the settings to the current component you have selected, the Group option applies the settings to the components in the selected group (you have to create your own groups). Position applies the settings to all components in the same position (the position is created with the position components under the Tools tab) and All applies the settings to all components of the same sort.
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