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Version 8.6

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What's New in Configura Core 8.6?

April, 2015

New Photo Rendering Possibilities in Configura Walkthrough

As a step in our continuous effort to make Configura even easier and more efficient to use, we have added the possibility to render photos straight from the Walkthrough! And it's effortless. You can just stop anywhere, press render and then continue to work while the image is being rendered. Several render tasks can be queued up and render in the background.

There are two options for rendering: Photo render which generates a natural light rendering of high quality of the current view; and Fast render which quickly generates a normal light rendering of medium quality of the current view.

We have also added a button that copies the current view to the clipboard for easy pasting in the drawing area or other programs.

Please note that the Configura Walkthrough and all its subfeatures only are available in the advanced graphics mode.

Want to Add a Rendered Image to Your Drawing? Go Ahead!

When running Configura in advanced graphics mode, you can now add one or more camera views. Each camera view can be synchronized with a camera in the drawing area and can display a rendered image at the position of your choice. The camera view has its own settings dialog where you can decide which type of rendering should be generated (Fast or Photo), and how it should be used (Preview, Screen or Print). This new component also enables the creation of 3D PDF files with an active, dynamic 3D view, as described in the next paragraph.

The Insert camera view component is found on the Import and Export component tab.

New 3D PDF Feature to Enable More Customer Involvement

Our new option to include a 3D camera view when creating a PDF file lets you present your customer with a 3D PDF that can be opened and viewed in Adobe Reader version 8 or later, one of the most common, free PDF viewers. The recipient can then turn around and zoom in and out of your drawing to see every detail - without having to use Configura.

Please note that the 3D PDF:s can only be generated when running Configura in the advanced graphics mode.

Other Enhancements

One thing that we are very excited about is that the changes we recently implemented regarding how Configura handles and reports crashes have really paid off! Thanks to the enhancements, we have been able to detect and work with issues that would otherwise have been hard to track down.

Plans for Upcoming Releases

We plan on developing a back end system to better support our crash handling. This system would help us in several ways, for example by getting all the reports into VisionProject automatically. This would facilitate us to track data in a more efficient way, generate statistics and enhance the communication.

We are also looking up our possibilities to offer a Catalogue solution for our Configura customers.


The features and fixes described above are only accessible in the latest release of Configura core. For information about how and when your customization can benefit from these changes, please talk to your Configura contact.

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