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Version 8.5

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What's New in Configura Core 8.5?

September 29, 2014


New import of 3D models from STEP files

To consolidate the Configura platform for the future and to give it even more of a competitive edge, we have implemented an import of 3D models from STEP files. STEP stands for Standard for the Exchange of Product Data. This ISO standard exchange format is used to share product data between different software applications. The .step file extension is interchangeable with the .stp file extension.

To import a 3D model from a STEP file, go to the Import and Export tab. Click the Import 3D object icon and place it in the drawing area. When browsing for objects to open, the .stp format is now available as its own option in the drop-down, and also included in the All 3D files option.



New area option added to the CAD export dialog

Upon user requests, we have implemented a new area option for CAD export - Position. The Position area option exports the entire room that a component is currently within.


Rewritten and more automated Error Reporting

In order for us to better pick up on issues that make Configura crash, we have completely rewritten the way Configura handles and reports crashes. Since it is essential for us to receive error reports, we have made it easier for our users to submit them by just clicking a button or two. No external program has to be opened, and no log files have to be manually attached. The reports that we receive are very helpful in identifying and fixing issues.

Should Configura crash, the dialog below is what you will encounter from now on.


New option for loading the most recent drawing after a restart

To make the recovery after a crash as quick and smooth as possible, you can now choose to load the drawing that was last saved when restarting Configura. It could either be a drawing that you have saved yourself, or a back-up or autosaved drawing. Information is presented about which drawing was last saved, and at what time. You can then decide to load the drawing or to skip the step and start fresh with a new drawing.


General autosave enhancements

To keep your work as safe as we can, we have worked on several enhancements concerning the autosave function in Configura. The most important change is that we have decided to always keep the autosave function active. Therefore, we have removed the option to turn the autosave on/off, which was previously found in the Control Panel.


Bug fixes

Changed look for searchable humans

When searching for "human, woman, man" etc. in the Accessories tab, and adding a human to the drawing area, the model will now look the same as other human models in the Models overview.

Recent location now remembered when saving favorites

Configura would previously not remember the last used location when saving an object as a favorite. This has been changed and the most recent location is now remembered.

Image target A0 fixed

There was something wrong with measurements of the image target size A0 (on the Image tab in the Camera Settings dialog). These issues have been fixed and A0 now works properly.

Save As file name now displayed correctly

After loading an archive file (with the file extension .omz), choosing Save As from the File menu would generate an incorrect file name. This has been taken care of, and the file name is now correct.

Configura login window now moveable

It was previously not possible to move the Configura login window, but now you can. Just click and drag it wherever you want.

Button for Material/Color change now only active when it should be

The 3D Import Settings dialog incorrectly displayed a clickable button for Material/Color change, even when a file had not yet been selected. This has been fixed, and the button is greyed out until a file has been selected and the material/color can actually be changed.


The features and fixed described above are only accessible in the latest release of Configura core. For information about how and when your customization can benefit from these changes, please talk to your Configura contact.

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