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Version 8.4

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What's new in Configura Core 8.4

April 22, 2014

New anti-alias otion in the Walkthrough

We've added an anti-alias option to the Walkthrough. Anti-alias is a powerful technique that is used to make lines and edges look soft and smooth, which adds extra quality. Bear in mind, however, that the more anti-alias you use, the harder your computer has to work. Setting a high anti-alias may result in a rather jerky Walkthrough.

The anti-alias slider and new language options are found in the Walkthrough settings.

Please note that the language settings in the Control Panel do not affect the language in the Walkthrough. Since the Walkthrough is a separate process, the language has to be changed there. After selecting language, the Walkthrough will remember your choice.


Additional options for exporting components as 3D

When exporting a component as 3D, we now display a new dialog box where you can choose between exporting a single object or a group. We've also added options for setting a model space unit. To export a component as 3D, start by selecting it, and then go to the File menu. Highlight Export and click Export selected component as 3D. Make your choices in the dialog box (as shown below) and click Export.


New integration with MyConfigura

To enable more interaction with our clients and users through Briefcases, we've added a MyConfigura integration to the Configura software. Next to your profile picture, you are now able to see if there are any unread posts or comments on MyConfigura:

Clicking the notification expands a list, where you have direct access to the most recent updates on MyConfigura.

Please note that the MyConfigura integration and message notification demands internet access.


Harsher graphics engine check

We've implemented a harsher check before allowing users to run Configura in the advanced graphics mode. The purpose of this is to prevent crashes due to computers just not being powerful enough.


Notice regarding support for Windows XP

From April 8, 2014, Microsoft will no longer support or update Windows XP. For Configura users, this means that our support for XP is going to be limited for a period of time, before we stop supporting Windows XP entirely on September 1, 2014. More information is available on Microsoft's web page:


The features and fixed described above are only accessible in the latest release of Configura core. For information about how and when your customization can benefit from these changes, please talk to your Configura contact.

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