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Release Notes Configura 7.5

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The first thing that you may notice with Configura 7.5 is that the Configura logotype is new. As a part of the company's new graphical profile, the former logotype has been replaced. For you as a user, this means that program and file icons look differently than before.

Our priority with this release has been to maintain high stability and to fix bugs. There are also some news, for example the option to export 3D objects as solids, and the option to hide 3D objects in 2D printouts.

Further down the page, you can also find a selection of bug fixes, as well as information about what you can expect to see in coming versions of Configura.

>> Read more about the new features in the Configura online help.

New Features and Main Improvements in Configura 7.5

New Graphical Profile

The Configura software has a new logotype. It has been created as a step in updating the graphical profile for the Configura company. You will find the new logotype in icons, documentation and on our website. To the right you can see the new logotype. From now on, this is the icon to look for to start the program.


New 3D Import Option

A new option is now available when importing 3D objects, for example Google SketchUp™ objects; Show during print. This option is placed in the 3D Import Settings dialog box (see Figure 1), which is displayed when you select Import 3D objects from the Import and Export tab, or from the File menu. Deselecting the Show during print checkbox prevents the 3D object symbol from showing on 2D printouts.

Figure 1: The 3D Import Settings dialog box with the new Show during print option.


New Cad Export Options

The Cad Export Settings (dwg/dxf) dialog box has been reworked and now offers three different options for exporting 3D objects: Mesh, Mesh/Solid, and Solid.

  • Mesh: default setting in Configura is to export all 3D objects as meshes.
  • Solid: this option means that Configura attempts to create solids, which are then included as solid entities in your .dwg drawing. The drawing can then be loaded into other software and converted into, for example, a .step file. Whether or not 3D objects can be converted into solid entities is depending on how the 3D objects have been implemented in the drawing. In case Configura cannot create solids, empty .dwg files may be generated.
  • Mesh/Solid: this option is a combination of the other two options. When you select this option, Configura creates solids when possible, and other 3D objects are exported as meshes.

Note: Whether or not solids can be created is depending on how the 3D objects in the drawing have been implemented, and different customizations have different implementations. To find out more about solid export in your customization, please contact your Configura project manager.

Figure 2: The Cad Export Settings (dwg/dxf) dialog box.


Support for Google SketchUp™ 8

Configura 7.5 has support for Google SketchUp™ 8.


New Version of RED

Configura has updated to the 2.4 version of the RED graphics engine, which is utilized in the advanced graphics mode.


Support for Unicode

The support for ANSI mode has been removed from the Configura kernel, which now only supports Unicode. To find out what this means to your customization, please contact your Configura project manager.


Bug Fixes

Below is a selection of bug fixes that have been made for Configura 7.5.

  • When using the advanced graphics mode, Configura could sometimes crash when the user clicked the Restore Down button to resize the window. This is now fixed.
  • The Level tool has displayed several issues, such as incorrect width, moving twice the distance when grouped, and crashing when doing undo. These issues are now fixed.
  • Keyboard shortcuts, i.e. pressing the Alt key to activate shortcuts in the menu bar, did not work properly. This is now fixed.
  • Archive drawings would not include bitmap images used as textures on floors and ceilings. This is now fixed.


In Coming Versions of Configura 

We are continuing our work on an improved drawing format. The purpose of the new format is to achieve a higher level of security and traceability for your drawing files; verifying that a file can be properly loaded and worked with in Configura. As a consequence of the new file format, we will also deliver a drawing preview functionality in Windows Explorer.

Also in the pipeline is to make it smoother and more seamless for our users to use the 2D graphics engine by removing unnecessary pop-ups.

During the Fall of 2011 we are starting to test our new license server. The main new feature with this license server is that all licensing is going to be user based, and that each user will access his/her license with a personal login.