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Release Notes Configura 7.4

With Configura® 7.4, the main priority has been to reduce the backlog of bugs and changes and thus maintain high performance. However, some changes affect the way you use the software, please see the listing below.

Further down the page, you can also find a selection of bug fixes as well as information about what you can expect to see in the coming version of Configura.


Enhancements in the Advanced Graphics Engine

By merging similar sorts of geometry, the advanced graphics engine has seen several enhancements. If, for example, there are 10,000 black lines in a drawing, they are merged into one black line. This leads to a more efficient use of the graphics card, which increases the speed of the advanced graphics engine and improves the handling of large drawings.

New Installation Package

With Configura 7.4 comes a new installation package. It offers a more modern look and feel and a higher flexibility, as well as improved Windows 7 compatibility. The new installation package handles the installing and uninstalling of the Configura software faster and demands less resources than the old package.

Improved Quality of 2D and 3D Models

A large number of both 2D and 3D models have been improved to enhance the quality of your drawings and rendered photos. See examples below of a movie projector and a cell phone.


Old models of movie projector and cell phone. New models of movie projector and cell phone.


Changed Behavior in the Default Material/Color Dialog

Some minor changes affect the Default Material/Color dialog and the way default colors are applied. The behavior is as follows:

  • When setting a new default color, all components on the drawing area are modified according to the new default color. However, there is one exception to this rule: Components that already have a manually set color or material applied to them will keep this color.

  • A drawing that contains objects with manually set default colors will keep these settings when imported on other computers. Other objects will have the default color that has been locally defined on the importing computer.

Links to the Help File Added to Dialogs

Several dialog boxes in Configura now have a question mark placed in the upper right corner. These are linked to the corresponding chapters of the help file, in order to offer a quick shortcut to relevant information about specific features or functionality.

In the Coming Version of Configura

We are currently working on an improved drawing format in order to add better traceability to Configura. This will also make it possible to store more information and data about files.

In addition to this, we are adding a CRC-check to Configura which enables the program to audit files and detect possible errors.

We are also modifying our error reporting system with regards to the protocol that is being used. In a near future, all reports are sent over http. As long as you have internet access, this means that you will be able to send in error reports regardless of which e-mail client you are currently using. 

A Selection of Bug Fixes 

  • Occasionally, Configura would crash when switching language settings. This has now been taken care of and the crash no longer occurs.

  • The Camera OpenGL view window would not size correctly. This has been fixed and the window now behaves correctly.

  • Changing the camera height in the camera dialog could cause a delay. This has been corrected and is now working properly.

  • When stretching accessories, they would sometimes end up on the wrong height. This has been fixed.

  • When clicking Undo, the clipboard was not properly emptied. This has been fixed and copying and pasting objects in the drawing area should now work correctly.

  • There have been some issues with measurements being saved with negative values and not being drawn in the right direction. This has been taken care of and all measurements now have positive values and are correctly drawn.

  • When working with a print frame and a drawing at a very large scale, Configura would occasionally not center the drawing properly in the print frame. This issue has been corrected.

  • Importing a Google SketchUp™ file created in a version later than Google SketchUp™ 7 could sometimes cause Configura to crash. Configura now checks the file upon import and if issues are found, it is suggested that the file is re-saved in Google SketchUp™ 7 or an earlier version.

  • The measurement display windows would sometimes appear outside of the main application window and seem to be invisible. This has been fixed and the measurement display windows are now in the right place and fully visible.

  • When running Configura under the advanced graphics engine, the size of reference point would incorrectly shift. This has been corrected and the size of the reference points is now always correctly scaled when zooming in and out.