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Release notes Version 8.2

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AutoCAD 2013

With the release of Configura 8.2 we have added support for reading and writing AutoCAD 2013 drawings. Now you can choose to export your drawings to AutoCAD 2013 from the Export drawing to CAD dialog on the Import and Export tab.

Figure 1: The Cad Export settings dialog.

Changes and fixes

As always we have been working with overall performance enhancements, such as bug fixes in order to continuously improve the Configura software.

Solved issues

Fixed problem with text not displaying correctly in dwg drawings.
Fixed problem with crashes in dwg drawings while saving.
Enhanced the stability to handle AutoCAD files.
Fixed problem with radius dimension not showing arrowheads properly.
Fixed problem with crashes in layer dialog.
Fixed problem with special characters could not be used in folder names.
Solved issue with mirror line sticking on drawing.
Fixed problem with text not displaying correctly when exporting to PDF.
Fixed problem with solids not displaying correctly when loaded from sat files.
Fixed problem with offline indicator not showing correctly when in offline mode.
Fixed problem with not being able to zoom with the scroll wheel in the print preview.
Solved issue with showing the release date in the LiveUpdate popup.
Fixed problem with room information not being updated correctly.
The new functions are accessible only in the latest release of Configura Core. For information about how and when the functions affect your customization, talk to the person responsible for Configura at your company.
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