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Release Notes Configura 8.0

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With version 8.0, Configura goes live with user based licenses!

In brief, this means that our clients are getting rid of the hardware certificates in favor of a license that is tied to the user. In reality this means that the user can run the software on any computer with a user name and password. Also, the user is automatically logged in to MyConfigura, our new online service and community.

When starting Configura 8.0 a brand new login window is displayed:

The first time you'll have to create a MyConfigura account, which is done by clicking the Create new account link in the login window. This opens a registration form where you fill out all the requested information. Your email address is going to be your MyConfigura ID; and you also get to select a password. When you are finished, click to save your details. Back in the Configura login window, use your MyConfigura ID and password to access the program.

>> Read more about user based licenses, MyConfigura and how to log in to the Configura software. 

Changes and fixes 

Apart from our extensive work with the new license model, we have also completed a number of changes and fixes. Some of the most significant ones are: 

  • Teigha has been updated, helping to solve problems that users have experienced with some dwg/dxf drawings.

  • Thanks to re-writing the code, we have managed to improve the handling of large dwg/dxf drawings which has led to better memory efficiency.

  • Some customizations have experienced issues with lines being invisible when picked from the toolbox, although visible when dropped onto the drawing area.

  • Problem with loading SketchUp models has been solved.

  • After opening a drop-down menu with different options (see image below), you can now close it by pressing the Escape key. Also, it is now possible to select an option with only one mouse click; i.e. you click to open the menu, keep the mouse button pressed down and move the pointer to the option you wish to select and then release the mouse button.


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