Configura Classic


Minor release 9.0.1

June, 2016

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Updates to Catalogues



Configura now supports connectors from Catalogues making it possible to snap catalogue objects together. There is also support for 3D snapping, but it is limited by the fact that all snapping is graphically represented only in a 2D view.

Prices and parts

Prices and component information (parts) for catalogue objects are now available to customizations. This functionality requires the implementation of a translator in each customization to translate the relevant data information into a format compatible with the customization's parts and calculation system.


There is a new option to select the pricelist used by a Catalogue. Note, however, that it is only available for Catalogues that support pricelists.

Catalogue server

The Catalogue server has been updated and is now based on the latest CET Designer 7.0 release. Proxy settings are shared between Configura and the Catalogue server making it possible to configura proxy settings once and to use Catalogues through a proxy connection.

New installer

The Catalogue server installer has been changed to ue the same installer as Configura. This should help with cases where Configura installed properly but the Catalogue server would fail to install because another MSI based installation blocked the new installation.

Improved Catalogue Browser

Missing Catalogue database files should no longer block the Catalogue Browser dialog. Catalogues with valid database files will be available in the Catalogue Browser even if other Catalogues are missing.

New Plants Catalogue

The Plants Catalogue released with Configura 9.0 was seen as somewhat hard to use as it was a little too complex. So with this release, we have a new Plants Catalogue with simplified options and several new plants and flowers.

Configura Walkthrough supports multiple languages

Previously, the Configura Walkthrough only supported two static languages in the user interface. With this release however, we launch support for multiple languages. As always, we depend on our customers for translations. If you are interested in making translations for Configura Walkthrough, there is a new translator's package available. For further information, please talk to your Configura contact.

Added warnings to Solid 3D CAD export

Exporting 3D to CAD with the Solid option selected will now show a warning message if any objects or parts of objects could not be exported. Any mesh based 3D models will fail to export as solids and therefore require either the Mesh or Mesh/Solid export options to be selected in order to generate any 3D in the CAD file.

The CAD export dialog has been simplified with the file name text field and the browse button being replaced by a Save button. 

Advanced graphics engine improvements

When using the advanced graphics engine, memory usage has been reduced and the time it takes to generate a scene has also been reduced. In short - it is faster and uses less memory.

Other changes

QTVR support has been removed. Since Apple no longer supports QuickTime on Windows, we have decided to no longer support the creation of QuickTime VR scenes in Configura.

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