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Release Notes Configura 8.1

With version 8.1, Configura presents a set of user friendly modifications!

New Settings Option in Login Window

You now have the option to change your proxy settings, you find the settings button on the top right corner of the login window. 


The new Proxy Settings window gives you the ability to change or turn off the proxy settings for Configura. System Default is set as default proxy. This setting
should always be used, unless there are any problems with your default proxy. You can choose to turn off the settings by choosing None or changing the default settings by choosing Custom. For Custom settings it would be advisable that you contact your local IT department for the right proxy information.

Updating to a New Graphics Engine

The progress of changing the 3D graphics engine in Configura is ongoing. We are working on creating a graphics engine with higher performance, that will give you the ability to produce pictures with a higher rendering quality.

New Human 3D Accessories

A new set of human 3D objects have been added to the Configura software! They are graphically improved and more realistic, compared to the already existing humans in the software, and will make it possible for you to create modern drawings with a higher sense of realism. The Configura Humans section on the Import and Export tab contains a number of different humans in 3D, including office people of both males and females, standing and sitting. 

Improved Undo Functionality

The undo functionality in the Configura software has been modified. In earlier versions each zoom/pan action had a single undo step, now we have combined all zoom/pan steps to single undo actions. This will decrease the amount of undo actions the user has to do.

Changes and Fixes

As always we have been working with overall performance enhancements, such as bug fixes in order to continuously improve the Configura software.
The new functions are accessible only in the latest release of Configura Core. For information about how and when the functions affect your customization, talk to the person responsible for Configura at your company.
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