Configura Classic


Version 7.3

Configura® 7.3 is mainly a maintenance release where the main focus has been on fixing bugs and increasing program stability. However, a few changes affect the way you use the software, please see the listing below.

Changed behavior in doors

When a new door is being placed in a drawing, the possibility of selecting hinge side has been removed for all four types of doors. After a Door or Double door has been placed in the drawing, however, it is still possible to select hinge side. This is done by right-clicking the door and selecting Settings. Under the Door tab, click the Change hinge side button and set the hinge side to either R for right or L for left.

Support for AutoCAD 2011

Configura 7.3 now supports AutoCAD 2011.

Improved handling of drawings

Work is currently being done to improve the way Configura works in advanced graphics mode. Already, the program has become more memory efficient, somewhat faster and it can cope with larger dwg files. This work will continue after the release of Configura 7.3.

Memory tip

When run under 64-bit Windows 7, Configura can cope with a larger amount of memory, i.e. the program can open and work with larger AutoCAD drawings.

Want to know more about Configura's graphics engine?

A PDF document with some good-to-know information about the Configura graphics engine and the two different graphics modes, is now available on the Configura website. Please follow the link below to view this document.

Read more about the graphics engine

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