Configura Classic


Configura Features

Configura® reduces all steps in the sales and order process to one, to make the drawing of the solution. Everything else is automatically generated: the quotation, 3D images, order confirmation, and parts and material lists can be linked to enterprise resource planning systems (ERP).

Product Knowledge at the Point of Sales

Configura makes every sales person a products experts. Instead of part numbers, you can use an easy menu of component icons that know how and where to fit together. Limitations such as available colors are built in, and technical parameters including maximum loads or required fasteners are always included.

Nothing Is Complex

Configura handles all product components quickly and intuitively. The unique configuration engine easily permits new combinations but prevents unsuitable ones. Given correct input, quotations and pricing are error-free. Sales personnel can confidently win orders by providing customers with clear, tailored quotations to meet their needs with no mistakes.

Business Benefits

  • Tenfold reduction in quotation lead time
  • Outstanding product presentation capabilities
  • Simplified resource allocation of sales projects
  • Substantially lower barrier to entry on new markets

Core Functionality

  • Real-time consistency check of product configurations
  • Instant price calculations
  • Automatic quote and proposal generation
  • High resolution, photo-realistic 3D product and design visualization

Other Functionalities

  • Designed for linking and accessing enterprise information systems
  • Multiple language and currency support
  • Import and export of AutoCAD DWG and DXF files
  • Linking and accessing Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Drawings and quotations in PDF


Annual Report 2016