Configura Classic


One Step – One Solution

Configura reduces the steps in the sales and order process down to one, in which the drawing is the solution. Everything else is automatically generated: the quotation, 3D images, order confirmation, and parts and material lists, which can be linked to enterprise resource planning systems (ERP).

Product knowledge at the point of sale

Configura helps salespersons to become products experts. Instead of parts numbers, use an easy menu of rules-based component icons that know how and where to fit together. Limitations such as available colors are built-in, and technical parameters including maximum loads or required fasteners are always included.



Our newest addition - the Walkthrough

Want to show your clients exactly what their space will look like? With Configura Walkthrough you can! The new Walkthrough allows you to move around with accuracy in your drawing. Adjust speed, turns, climbs and even shadows in real time for the perfect presentation.
The Walkthrough is available to all our Configura customers. Talk to your Configura project manager or read more in our latest release notes.