Do more. Sell more. With CET Designer


Why you’ll love CET Designer

A single, industry-wide solution.

You can accurately design and specify, create specials, render with photorealism, make movies, and generate quotes and install drawings. CET Designer is used by design, sales, marketing and customer service people at kitchen and commercial furniture dealerships.

All-in-one tool.

You only need one software solution to handle all of your design and specification work. CET Designer doesn’t require AutoCAD, but it seamlessly integrates with it. CET Designer is a total solution so users work faster, do more and provide a higher level of service to their end customers. Produce layouts, quotes, renderings installation drawings, movies and reconfigurations – do it all with CET Designer.

Fast and easy to use. Drag and drop your products into place.

Intuitive in using.  Changes and options are fast and easy to create – show the customer different sizes, colors and materials.  All linked to update the quote and renderings automatically. Everything's linked to automatically update in the quotes and renderings. And our Support and Training team are second to none.

Renderings. Gorgeous and photorealistic.

CET Designer lets you easily and quickly create beautiful, photorealistic renderings linked to the original drawings. The program also lets you create fly-thru videos of your designed space.

A rules-based calculation tool. It won’t let you make mistakes.

CET Designer lets you focus on space planning and design through intuitive, 2D and 3D drag-and-drop functionality; behind the scenes, the rules-based software handles complex calculations.

Highly visual so you can focus on design.

You can stretch/shrink/change graphically in 2D and 3D layouts and CET Designer automatically updates your bills of material. It knows all of the parts and pieces required to make your layout work while preventing errors and invalid configurations.


Customize and integrate with other programs.

Because of the technology behind CET Designer, you can customize your solution to add just the functionality you want. Besides all our built-in functionality, CET Designer also integrates seamlessly with many other industry programs. We currently integrate with AutoCAD, Revit, SketchUp, ProjectMatrix and p.Con. It is also possible to build solutions to connect to different ERP systems and other integrations. Anything is possible with CET Designer!




Dealer Industry Comparison (Specification Tools)

Feature 2020 KiSP (Sales) CET Designer Ofcdesk Project Matrix ICE
AutoCAD x x Import/Export x x x
Revit   x Import/Export x    
SketchUp     x      
3D layout   x x      
Rendering Workable Photorealistic Photorealistic   Workable Photorealistic
Walk-Thru     x      
3D PDF     $50      
Movies     x      
Quote x x x x x x
Customer Interface     x      
Create Special Symbols     x      
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