5 advantages to having your own developers on the CET platform

Software development presents endless of opportunities, it is simply a matter of grabbing the ideas and developing them.

Over the span of 25 years, our original idea has turned into an entire platform – Configura Extension Technology (CET). As we developed the CET platform and our partner program, we’ve focused on simplifying the process for our partners to have their own developers. With multiple partners onboard, we can see many advantages to embrace this approach.

Below are five benefits of having your own developers when creating your CET Designer Extensions and Catalogues.

1.       Contained product knowledge

Part of the learning curve for development is product knowledge. With your own programmers, you can have experienced staff that have worked with your products for years. Alternatively, you get to train new developers specifically about your products and they get the benefit of working on site. This means that they’re a part of your company culture and closer to the problem they’re trying to solve. It also means that you will never have to share sensitive information that you want to keep in-house.

2.       Increased Accuracy and quick answers

Your Extension solves very complex problems for a unique problem domain. This means training times for the product and all functionality within the Extension is high. Having your programmers in-house allows them to get quick answers to questions, often making development easier and more accurate to how you want things to work.

3.       Lower cost for sustained development

If you are planning to engage in a long term development project, the training costs for a new developer get offset fairly quickly. After they have gone through our training, they are able to do anything a Configura developer would be able to do. Configura also offers continued education and knowledge sharing through our annual Developer Conference, web portal and tight-knit developer network.

4.       On demand development

Having your own developers means you’re in full control over development deadlines, features, etc. Important features come in all the time and your developers will be fully in your control from an allocation and prioritization view point.

5.       Tighter integration with internal systems

There are many possibilities with CET Designer, one of which is to connect it to your other systems within the company. You likely already have developers working with your backend systems and having direct access to this knowledge makes developing a tighter integration between the systems more straightforward. From our experience, it is easier to facilitate these kinds of tasks with an on-site team.

Configura is happy to help you with the recruitment process for developers – from the initial interview to testing a developer’s programming abilities. To be a successful CET developer, we look for candidates that first and foremost love programming. They should also be used to working with Object-Oriented Programming and be driven by innovation and finding new solutions to problems.

VP of R&D, Göran Rydqvist, in one of his sessions at our annual Developer Conference.

Many of our partners choose to have their own developers as well as work with some of our Configura developers. This is a great way to mix software expertise with product expertise.

What will work best for you? Read more about our CET platform and our partner program to get a better idea of what partnering with Configura means.

By Tim Deemter

Tim is Configura's Production Team Leader at the Grand Rapids office.